About our club

Gang Girls club has a really long history. It was established even before the appearance of Fashion Arena version. Most of the members knew each other because of Forum, podium contests and just interesting profiles. Endless creativity and brilliant sense of humour have joined us together in warm and friendly company.

We made thematic parties in apartments, just to make us feel closer to each other, despite of different countries. Our members created Contest for Fun, to give the opportunity to all ladies to feel as moderators. Gang Girls thought of crazy and funny flashmobs in Lady Popular game and raided several profiles with funny pictures in a very organized way.


So when developers of Fashion Arena decided to create guilds we weren't thinking even a minute about our club's name :) GANG GIRLS!

The main rule of our club:

GGs always stand up loyally for each other.


We appreciate our friendship and always ready to help to other GG.